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About Cobalt Metal Designs

Growing up on a farm in a small town of Northern Idaho, Jason learned life’s important lessons at an early age. He learned the importance of family, community, agriculture, resourcefulness, hard work, and pride. 

In his youth, Jason often found himself fixing broken equipment or building things that were necessary for the farm – like a flatbed or trailer for the farm truck. Though this is how he learned the tricks of the trade, these chores weren’t always his idea of “fun”.

As time went on, Jason’s mother unfortunately grew very ill. Eventually his father had to focus more and more of his attention to caring for his wife instead of the farm. As a pastime, his father began building metal rocking chairs… and here began the journey that would one day turn into a dream of Jason’s. 

These special chairs were naturally near and dear to the Smith family. Having a naturally creative mind and knowing all too well how to weld, Jason eventually picked up the torch himself and started adding his own twist to what his father once began. 

Creating Cobalt Metal Designs has become more than just a hobby - it is a tribute to his childhood, and to his family. Jason specializes in custom metal and wood furniture and lighting, but he can build pieces to fill just about any need. By creating these masterpieces, Jason hopes he can share a piece of his family with yours.

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